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Oracle: Move tables on an other tablespace


accept uni prompt 'UserName: ' accept ftbsi prompt 'Tablespace Name FROM: ' accept ttbsi prompt 'Tablespace Name TO: ' SET FEEDBACK OFF SET HEAD OFF SET PAGESIZE 10000 SET VERIFY OFF SPOOL %TEMP%\MoveTables(&uni).sql select 'ALTER
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 TABLE "' || owner || '"."' || table_name || '" MOVE TABLESPACE ' || upper('&ttbsi') || ' NOLOGGING;' from dba_tables where owner = upper('&uni') and tablespace_name = upper('&ftbsi'); SPOOL OFF SET FEEDBACK 6 SET HEAD ON SET PAGESIZE 24 SET VERIFY ON PAUSE "Press Enter to move tables or CTRL-C to cancel" SPOOL %TEMP%\MoveTables(&uni).err @%TEMP%\MoveTables(&uni).sql SPOOL OFF
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