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Enable root login in GUI Gnome

For security reason is a very bad

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idea logging in with the root account directly to you box, but if you need it here's the solution.

First of all make a backup copy of the file you need to modify:

cp /etc/gdm/gdm             /etc/gdm/gdm.backup
cp /etc/gdm/gdm-password    /etc/gdm/gdmpassword.backup
cp /etc/gdm/gdm-fingerprint /etc/gdm/gdm-fingerprint.backup

Now modify these files:

vi gdm
vi gdm-password
vi gdm-fingerprint

You need to comment or remove the line:

auth       required    pam_succeed_if.so user
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  != root quiet

Reboot you system and you can logon with root in the GUI.

If you don't have the fingerprint sensor on you machine, probably you don't need to change this file!

Tested only on Fedora Core 11 & 12

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